Next Steps to your Vibrant Self

Your Journey

Through this journey towards balance, I have discovered a technique that can help you discover your true natual state of being. Not necessarily the one you were taught as a child, or one that is expected of you as an adult -- rather your true natural state of being.

Through programs, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching, we will begin to uncover what your deep desires for your life, where you are currently and the step by step process of getting from here to there.

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Before I became a personal coach, I had several different high profile careers. I seemed to gravitate towards big-ness, big technology, big mountains, big stages ... big adventures. Yet, my true self is a natural introvert. It is a dicotomy that requires effort for me to balance.
~~ yvonne
certified Life Coach, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Royho

Tools We Use

So many tools exist to help us through the maze of finding balance. Below are some of the tools I use in my practice:

  • Workshops and teaching materials (both reading & workbooks)
  • Herbs and Essential Oils (doterra)
  • Comfort Zone Training
  • Physical movement
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Energy Work - Meridians
  • Mantras
  • Yoga
  • Reiki and Energy Healing (Certified Usui Reiki Master)

The Triad:

Our system has a foundation in a triad: mind, body and spirit. Balancing the three pillars creates a spiral motion that propels you forward towards your goals. Using this foundation, we can work together to moving you in a positive direction.

Happy thoughts (mind) flow into better moods (energy), which create a more positive physical body (body). Aligning with spirit (energy/soul) promotes joyful emotions (mind), which promote a better physical being (body). Exercising (body) can bring you a sense of accomplishment (mind), which leads to a better mood (energy). All energy flows from one system to another, without fail.

The Laws of Energy state that energy flows from one state to another and is never destroyed. So, when you feel energetically stuck in one area of your life, simply focus on a different area in a loving and positive way. Sometimes it is easier for people to be more physical, read a good book, watch a feel-good movie or pray. It doesn't really matter which part of the triad you put your positive energy into, for all forms flow from one into another.

At the kern of the triad is "choice": choosing to flow positive energy; choosing the area of focus; choosing the type of energy that promotes a positive outcome. Choice is an amazing tool. And conscious choice is even more powerful.

Let's get started!