Yvonne Ramage

Wellness, Entrepreneur & Transformational Coach

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  • Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist,
    Mentored by Joseph McClendon, III
  • Licensed Brain Trainer, Dr Amen Brain Health
  • Certified Life Coach,
    Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
    over 1,500 hours of coaching clients
  • Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Royho
    International Association of Reiki Professionals
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Sound Healing Therapies
  • Microcurrent Biofeedback Healy Therapist - Healy
  • Entrepreneur - Successfully started 4 companies in Technology, Motorsports Marketing, Hemp Industry, and Personal/Professional Development Strategies
  • Outward Bound Instructor (5 years)
  • Mastery Program (3 years) with Rod Hairston (an international authority in mindset development, peak performance training, behavioral conditioning, leadership, organizational culture, and human potential.
  • Best Selling Author - "Muddy Shoes",
  • Musician - 2 Albums on iTunes K.O.K.O and Christmas Around the Bend - www.yvonneramage.com

Client Testimonial

"Yvonne is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her sincere and compassionate approach helped me align with myself, helping me to sort through my limiting beliefs. Her programs are immeasurably valueable. I highly recommend working with Yvonne."
~~ C.P., Grand Rapids, MI

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Coach, Author and Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Yvonne - wellness/transformation coach, author, musician, entrepreneur and ex-extreme sport athlete. I love variety - doing different things, seeing different perspectives, growing in different ways - these are the things that get me excited.

I have traveled extensively, built several successful companies from start-up and worked as an international contractor for technical strategies. I have reinvented myself several times, shifting and changing with the opportunities that stood in front of me. My favorite word is "Yes!".

I have always had an insatiable curiosity about the human condition, our spirit ...what makes us tick. Learning and growing has been my first and foremost dedicated journey. From this curiosity and my drive to find a better life for myself, I dove head-first into different techniques and programs that helped me illuminate my vibrance. With this, I created a system that borrows from several different philosophies, paradigms and techniques, combining them to easily help people move from "stuck with no real idea where to start", to "I can see where I need to go from here".

change ambassador - Comfort and Courage

Change can seem daunting. Most people enjoy living within their zone of comfort, where it feels safe and secure. For me, change was a necessity. With my lifestyle as a musican and extreme athlete (mountaineering, rock climbing), I trained both my mind and body to step out of my comfort zone daily and often times minutely. This learned perspective has served me well in my life decisions and entrepreneurial pursuits.  Courage is a muscle that everyone has, when worked and massaged, can lead down amazing paths of opportunity.

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Wellness Coach

A personal accident and subsequent health issue, gave me time and determination to reset.  Determined to restore my body to full function, I immersed myself in learning the importance of clean living:  nutrition, toxins, water, and the support we can garner from herbs, energy and spiritual connection.

We are all made of energy produced by our thoughts, our soul and our physical being. It is this discovery that lead me down this fantastic journey towards my own balance.


Life Coaching Certification,
Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
certification life coach IARP Growth-U

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