Reiki Healing Session

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  • Date(s): currently open bookings
  • Time(s): appointment times vary
  • Location: Zoom Distance Healing
  • Cost : $75 / hour
  • Instructor: Yvonne Ramage


Yvonne Ramage is an Usui Reiki Master, and has been practicing Reiki for more than 6 years. Yvonne brings to her Reiki practice a blend of fequency and energy management, epigenticis and energetic biology through quantum physics.   Because of Yvonne's study of energetic exchange, she has a clarity that boosts the effectiveness of each Reiki session.  

During each Reiki session, Yvonne will bring her sessions all her energetic management tools:  Reiki, Crystal Energy, Microcurrents and vibrational frequencies, Sound Therapy, Chakras, Meridians

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