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Use the Power of Reiki to Unlock Abundance in your Business

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Are you an entrepreneur that sinks your heart into your business?

Do you try and try and try different things -- but can't seem to get your business "up and going"?

Have you invested in your business, to see fewer returns than you thought?

Do feel like you are doing things right, but wonder what is blocking your abundance?

So, why AREN’T the financial rewards flowing?

Don’t worry.  LOTS of entrepreneurs feel that very same way!  Including me :)   I had endless thoughts like “why can’t I get people to pay me what I deserve”, “what am I doing wrong”, and “maybe this isn’t for me”.

I have walked that road so many times … frustrated with trying to fix something that I couldn’t see.  It didn’t make sense to me. 

So here’s an easy and quick solution!

One 45-minute session of abundance Reiki will open doors that were hidden before.  It will illuminate the direction you need to bring your business into abundance.   Whether you need to:

  • clear personal issues around worth and value,
  • or clarify marketing strategies,
  • or organize your office,
  • or even gain clarity on your ideal client.

Just one session can show you where you can best invest your time to bring the abundance that you deserve.

Listen, everyone has a different reason why we don’t bring in the moolah like we think we should.   Abundance Reiki identifies the top issues for you, so you can drive your business rather than having your business drive you.

  • Infuse your business with positive Universal energy.

  • Magnetize the money flow.

  • Draw opportunities towards you.

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If you book your session today, you will get:

  • 45 Minute Reiki Session - illuminating your potential blocks to wealth
  • A photo of the gorgeous crystal grid used during the session - specific only to your business
  • EXTRA BONUS REIKI Sessions - a session will be done for your each night for 7 days (do not need to be present for session).

It's EASY.... don't miss out. Your answers could be less than 45 minutes away!

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Reiki is an ancient art form practiced by those attuned to the Universal Energy. Typically we apply it to our bodies to improve health. But it also works to on situations and even businesses. Reiki can help remove obstacles, create clarity and even magnetize your marketing materials.

Meet the Reiki Master

Yvonne Ramage
Usui Shiki Royho Reiki Master (International Association of Reiki Professionals)

Yvonne has been practicing Reiki for more than 6 years (Usui Shiki Ryoho). Her rare combination of expertise integrates a blend of modalities: Reiki, energy healing with microcurrent (The Healy), sound, crystals and epigenetics. Yvonne teaches personal and professional development courses for Entrepreneurs and people who are simply trying to manifest their vision. She is a very in-depth passionate person that connects deeply with helping others.

As a long-time entrepreneur, her focus has been on helping consciously aligned businesses and owners rise to abundance. “It is my vision to raise the vibration of the world through helping individuals, as well as shifting abundance into businesses that support a higher approach to employer/employee and customer/client relationships. Conscious capitalism is the way of a new and better world.”