Vibrant Minds - Accountability Group

  • Date(s): Mondays
  • Time(s): 12:00 pm Pacific
  • Location: Zoom Calls

A united and supportive community for that little extra nudge to creating the life of your dreams.

You started a project, business or even set yourself up with an ambitious goal. Maybe it is a fitness program, building a business or deciding you want to learn how to cook Thai food. Whatever the goal is, we all tend to start out jazzed. We pour energy in, commit to "doing it this time", with all our heart and soul.

Then.... life gets in the way. Our schedules demand that we shift our attention to important things like kids, work, spouses. And somehow in managing this chaos, our personal goals take the back seat.

Vibrant Minds Accountability Group is a smaller community of 10 people, helping us to maintain our commitment to our goals. We meet once a week (Monday), reporting our progress and hold each other accountable. It is a FANTASTIC way to recommit at the start of every week.