Despair -> Hope -> Belief -> Conviction

There is a big difference between believing you will accomplish something and hoping you will accomplish something. Hoping is based in fear and a passive statement, where believing is an active statement and a stepping stone to achievement. Albeit hope is the first positive step to creating your dreams, it is simply the first step along the journey to triumph.

There exists a continuum of emotions we can use to propel ourselves into our ultimate positive state:
Despair – Hope – Belief – Conviction – Expectation.

Despair graduates to Hope.
Hope graduates to Belief.
Belief graduates to Conviction.
Conviction graduates to Expectation

Hope is an optimistic state, based on an vision of a positive outcome. Who would think that hope, because of its tentative optimistic nature, could hold us back from achieving our goals? But it can. It all depends on your perspective, current emotional state, and your agility in moving to a higher energetic emotion. From the perspective of Despair, Hope is an optimistic state. Yet, if we are mired in believing that we can accomplish something, hoping to accomplishment feels like an emotional step down, because it is.

Hope has the physical attributes that often times resemble fear.
Grimace, hands protecting chest, speaking to someone/something outside yourself.

What’s Wrong With Hope?
Hope is a challenging emotional state. We all want to achieve our goals. This path can often start with Hope. The caution is to not stay in hope. Although hope has a tone of optimism, it also has a tone of fear and passivity that allows us to get too comfortable.

Let’s illustrate this hope vs belief concept.
When one states, “I hope I can win the spelling bee” it is inferred that
1. you entertain the concept you will either win or lose the contest. You hope the contest will move in your favor. You COULD actually lose. You fear you could lose. (fear based emotion)
2. you are optimistic that things outside your control will turn out in your favor (relying on things outside your control)

Belief is a relaxed stance, open posture. She believes she will prevail.

When one states, “I believe I will win the spelling bee”, it is inferred that winning the contest is the only option. The concept of losing is not even entertained. It is an active state, with a spin of positive personal control.

When one states, “I am convinced I will win the spelling bee”, you are super-charged with both positive and active states. Conviction is a fixed and firm belief. No other options exist. Confidence is at its most potent emotional state, and helps you to do what you need to do to win.

Conviction is a fundamental belief in ourselves, that we are making the right decisions, the path we are walking is the right path for us. It is when we have a firm belief in ourselves, rather than relying on our circumstances.

Conviction and Expectation are super relaxed, such that the crossed arms do not feel they are in a protective mode. There is one option only, it is relies on her inner strength.

Nothing is wrong with hope, but belief and conviction are definitely more productive states in which to live.

Which state would you choose to nurture in yourself?

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