The Mindset Advantage

We all have times in our lives when we catch ourselves in a funk, whether it be from outside influences or our own self-made rut. The goal is to get out of the funk as gracefully as possible…. and it is solely based in what type of mindset you cultivate. Those that can do this quickly have what we call the “Mindset Advantage”.

There are several different types of mindsets: Fixed Mindset, Growth Mindset, Mastery Mindset.
Fixed Mindset: operating from the platform where we label ourselves with a fixed idea that we cannot change. Destiny / Fate.
Growth Mindset: operating from the platform that all experiences offer us a chance to grow into a new person. Opportunity / Growth.
Mastery Mindset: operating from the platform that dedication, effort and time will create a journey to creating new foundational beliefs. Becoming.

Definitions - Gauges we use to determine our mindsets:
Talents (What): This is your mindset around your natural ability, talents
and intelligence... what are your natural abilities.

Personality (Who/How): your mindset around your personal traits and qualities,
such as cooperation, dependability, sincere, open-minded, humorous, friendly,
joyous, etc. ... who you are, how you behave.

Let’s face it, not many of us do everything perfectly the first time we try it. In fact, we fail quite often until we can master the task. When people determine their personality/character based on their talents or the outcome of their efforts, life can be a challenge (fixed mindset). Judgments that come from determining our value based on our outcomes are simply *not* true.

— I am a good person because I am intelligent.
— I am smart because I passed a test.
— I am stupid because I failed a test.
— I am a not likable because I can’t play basketball, assuming that everyone at school only like athletes.
— I am a bad person because I forgot an appointment.
— I love spicy foods, therefore I am short tempered. (yes, I actually heard this once )

The truth is … you can fail a test simply because you didn’t have the time to study. When you take the time to study, you pass with flying colors. It has nothing to do with your inherent intelligence, or even whether you are a good or valued person. Forgetting an appointment doesn’t mean you are a bad person. It could mean that your online calendar didn’t correctly save your appointment.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset involves removing the link between judging who you are and what you are good at (natural talents). It is based in the assumption that anyone can develop their talents, whether it be learning a new language, playing basketball, or even public speaking. Although some things come more naturally to some, if one sets their mind to learning and growing through adversity, developing a determined and resilient spirit, anything can be accomplished. In a fixed mindset, where the link is closely tied between judgement of who you are because of what you can do, it can be difficult to get through seeming failure. At the first sight of failure, one judges themselves as “not capable”, which can deflate their emotional stamina and lead to negative thoughts about yourself. With negativity in the equation, you are more likely to continue to fail. With a growth mindset, one sees the failure and looks for opportunities to learn through it, lean into the learning, and tries again.

The mindset that will most easily carry you through your life, helping you manage any obstacles, providing a sound journey towards resilience, is the Growth Mindset.

Statements to promote a growth mindset:
— I haven’t figured it out YET. (add the word yet to the end of a sentence… .helps shift your mindset)
— I strive for progress, not perfection (the idea of perfection is the antithesis of a growth mindset…. perfect doesn’t exist)
— I am brave enough to try (it takes courage to try something that you are not “good” at… be proud of your efforts in trying).
— I can learn anything !
— Mistakes help me learn and grow.
— Learning is my superpower.

What is a Mastery Mindset?

A Mastery Mindset is based in the concept of perpetual growth. The focus is not on the outcome, or the growth that happens on our journey, rather it is on becoming the person who manages and maintains the outcome you seek. It is about becoming, not doing, experiencing, trying, succeeding, failing…. it is shift in understanding that an outcome does not define me. What defines a master is the perseverance developed in overcoming obstacles, the resilience that is well defined from trying over and over again, the perspective shift of removing limiting beliefs. A Mastery Mindset is coupled with the understanding of who we are, who we want to be and knowing the journey between the two is a road of learning, self-examination, development of self … all will lead to amazing things.

Self-esteem, self love, patience, courage, resilience, determination are all words that accompany the concept of “master”. And it is this that is obtained, discovered, learned, garnered in the master’s journey. Understanding this IS the Mastery Mindset. The understanding that all we do, all we are, is with loving intent to both our selves and our neighbors. The Mastery Mindset is learning, growing, becoming … with love. Mastering our body means we focus on ability to both discern and make healthy choices. Mastering our mind means see, understand and manage our belief systems. Mastering our spirit means we understand our energy systems, our purpose and meaning in this lifetime. Combining all three is the trifecta of BECOMING !!!

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