Customer Testimonials

"Yvonne is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her sincere and compassionate approach helped me align with myself, helping me to sort through my limiting beliefs. It helped me open up to who I am, what I want, and how to move forward to create it. Her programs are immeasurably valueable. I highly recommend working with Yvonne."
~~C.P., Grand Rapids, MI

"I am amazed at how much a difference the '20/20 in 2020: Creating your Vision' program made in my life. So many other programs state they will help you manifest your destiny. The simplicity and clear directions of "how" we create our dreams was delivered better than any other I have taken! I feel totally prepared to create my dream, focus on my vision and work the process."
~~ G.R., Oregon

"Flexible. Caring. Intuitive. Contagious positivity. Working with their programs helped me clarify my thoughts on my career transition and identify who I need to become to make it all happen. They worked with me to create clear direction, by breaking down the steps to creating your vision. The daily and weekly activities were exactly what I needed to motivate and inspire me through to the end results. With each step I saw immediate results. If you think you may want to register for a progam, DO IT."
~~ B.V, Las Vegas Nevada.


Join an exclusive community of entrepreneurs, professional and personal development experts, creating a supportive environment for all members. From offering advise, giving feedback and holding ourselves accountable, our sessions create an atmosphere of personal responsibility and growth. But mostly, we have fun !

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Your Path to Your Vibrance

Are you searching for your purpose?

Do you feel stuck, running into the same roadblocks?

Do you find yourself starting over after every setback?

We understand. Life can be overwhelming at times, specifically with the stressors that can often happen. That's what makes it so important to find your balance.

Balance and transformation all starts by setting your mind to it: CHOICE, INTENTION and FOCUS


Vibrant Mind - Vibrant Body - Vibrant Soul

Everyone is a vibrant being, here for a very important reason. Maybe you will inspire people, find a treatment for diabetes, or provide a safe home for your family. Without a doubt, everyone has significance.




What if I don't know my purpose?

Some people are born knowing their purpose; some people take decades to discover their reason; some people have still yet to define their journey. In this process of defining my soul's purpose, I found all my experiences were necessary to culminate into this vibrant being of "me". Sometimes my mentors showed in the form of a betrayal; sometimes it was a gentle soul offering me alternative ways of being. Knowing how to open up to the unfolding of life's joureny brings you your path.


Trusting the process is what brings you to your perfect journey. Think Vibrant is a system that cuts through all the mumbo jumbo and teachs you how to discover, focus on and live your life's path. Through definitive exercises, simple workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and visualization exercises, you can create the synergy you need to become your perfect potential:

  • a healthy mind, full of focus, intent and purpose;
  • a healthy body, agile and flexible;
  • a healthy spirit, aligned and energetic.

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